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"Would You Like Me To Show You The Leaks In Your Marketing System That Are Costing You Money, And Show You How To Fix It So That You Can Drastically Increase Your Leads And Sales...For Free?"


Chris Stott

Dear Business Owner,

I work with a small number clients to massively increase their leads and sales through smart marketing.

For the right clients, I believe I can help you have a significant increase in your leads and sales within 90 days. And what's more, I want to give you knowledge to do this at not cost.

How This Works

For the right business, I will conduct a Strategy Session with you. In this session I'll learn more about your business, your current marketing and help you crease a strategic plan to bring in more leads and close more sales for your business. This usually takes less than an hour and there is absolutely no charge for this session.

I do most of the work in this session and will even present you with a full plan at the end of it. All I ask is that you answer my questions so that I can determine the best route to increase the quality and volume of leads and the conversion of these leads to paying customers.

By the end of this strategy sessions you will have:

  • A deeper understanding of how to increase leads and sales for your business.
  • A strategic plan which shows you the critical areas where your marketing is falling short and how to fix them.
  • A growth strategy.

There worst that can happen is that you spend an hour of your time, and get real insights in to how to take immediate results to increase leads and sales in your business.

Here's The Process

  1. We'll schedule a call to go through an initial set of questions from me, so that I can get a deeper understand of you business and the issues you are currently facing. All I ask is that you calendar an hour for this when you can give it your full focus.
  2. During the call, as I get a better understand I'll start to formulate and discuss a plan that can work for you.
  3. I'll write up the plan for you and send it over. You can then take this plan and implement all, or part, of it yourself or if you see fit I can help you implement it.

Here's some examples of the kind of things the plan will cover:

  • Quick wins in your current operations to increase sales.
  • A review of your online strategy and how this can be quickly tweaked to have a massive impact on your sales.
  • A review of the data your current have available to show where the most immediate opportunity lies in your business. If you don't have such data, a plan to start collecting it so that you can learn quickly about your business.

Remember, there is no charge for this strategy session -- just a requirement that you are able to answer questions to enable me to put forward the best strategy for your business.

Why Am I Doing This?

I'm a strategist specialising in helping companies implement strategic marketing to have a massive impact on the growth of their business. This strategic marketing and sales is what I'm passionate about.

This is not a sales pitch. If you like the action steps for the strategy that I put together, then I can provide a quotation to implement it for you. But you could do it yourself. If you do decide to explore working with fees range from £5k - £30k depending on our requirements and the steps to implement the strategy.

However, this would not be a cost... strategic marketing is an wise investment. This is because the leads and sales that implementation of the strategy I outline would bring in significantly higher revenue to your business. What's more, if you choose not to work with me and implement the strategy on your own then you can get these kind of returns.

I don't work with everyone. Here's why.

I can't help everyone, or the ROI is not high enough. The clients that I work best with are:

  • Established (5 years plus)
  • Have an Lifetime Customer Value (LTV) higher than £5k but usually more than £10k
  • Are already doing some kind of advertising or marketing but not seeing the return they would expect.
  • Have a turnover in excess of £1million -- and are looking for sustained growth.

If you meet this criteria, then I'd love to talk to you and put together a strategic plan for growth for your business.

There are 2 simple steps to book your free session.

  1. You need to answer just a few background questions about your business. Don't be daunted, this will only take you a few minutes and enables me to prepare for our call in advance.
  2. Choose a timeslot of one hour where you can be uniterrupted so we can talk about how to grow your business.
  3. Conduct the call and put together your strategy plan for growth with me.

That's it.

3 steps to massive growth in your business.

Are you ready?


Speak soon.

~ Chris


"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Chris. Not only is he is an incredibly helpful chap but he is also extremely creative in his approach and his knowledge of the constantly changing world of Internet marketing is phenomenal."