I'm in Knutsford, Cheshire, trying to practice essentialism and the Pareto principle. It's a daily process.

I spend my time:

  • Growing Pareto Marketing with a focus on delivering exceptional results to our clients and increasing or client base to enable product and service investment.
  • Preparing for the birth of our first child (in Jan 2016).
  • Reading to better understand the world, people, business and life.
  • Playing Guitar, something that needs more focus!

HEALTH focus:
Shoulder rehabilitation from injury sustained in May 2015. Ongoing and frustrating process. Currently experimenting in intermittent fasting, ketosis and energy management. Trying to work on mobility, flexibility and longevity. Keen supporter of health education and shopping locally.

Growing Pareto Marketing's sustainable client base by continually improving our service offering and getting results for our clients.

Maintaining close family, friend and business relationships. I'm dealing back my community involvements to allow time to focus on my growing family.

I care deeply about the world around me. At the moment I am working on finding my key one or two issues to focus time on, likely to be around the environment, political reform and Internet freedom (to enable ongoing transparency in the political process).

I help out with a local beer festival (though due to impending arrival I'm stepping back to online marketing support only). I also am very interested in the World Community and am looking deeply in to Effective Altruism and Climate Change (seeking the truth on this one, it's full of spin).

GROWTH focus:
Reading and playing guitar.

Staying on top of the admin tasks in life and business so they don't take over.

The above framework is something I created years ago to enable me to review having a balanced life. I am currently saying no to as much as possible that isn't part of my core focuses (see: essentialism and Pareto principle). I'm starting to add resources to support this here.

If my priorities change, I’ll update this page.

Last update was 27 Dec 2015.

Want to see what I've done before? Or more importantly what I've stopped doing to focus on the above? See my THEN page.

Big thanks to for this concept.