From time to time I'm going to try and add useful resources for those interested in learning more about achieving elements of the Framework. I've recorded several podcasts about the framework and elements of it. I haven't had time to republish them here, if there is demand just email me and I'll send them over.

The core principle that I'm working in to the framework is essentialism.


  • Mark's Daily Apple
  • Keto Diet Resources
  • Pub Med (always go for the science not the opinion when it comes to health, as well as personal experimentation)


I highly recommend checking out YNAB, Mr Money Moustache and Stumbling on Happiness. I'm looking in to divesting as well.


My best tip for relationships is to work out (80/20 analysis) those most important to you and schedule regular meetups with them. Have a regular thing - like I see my brother and dad for dinner on a monthly basis and have for years.

Happiness / Growth / Learning

I still don't have a good title for this section. But figure out the few simple things that you like to do and carve out time to do them.


Love it or hate it, life takes some administration so put in place systems to help with that. Getting Things Done by David Allen is a good place to start here.


I don't include Spiritualism in my version of the framework but it that's important to you go for it. I might include community/society/politics as well as charity and possibly consider splitting out family from relationships in the future.