Too many to list, that's part of the problem! In a bid to embrace essentialism I've shelved a load of past projects. Closing these down enables me to focus on what's important to me NOW.

Here's an incomplete list:

On Hold Projects

  • Selling WordPress (eBook, course and blog)
  • Daft Cuts, the anti-skinny jean for real men

Retired Projects

  • Ticket Warrior (online ticketing web app and consultancy) [closed dec 2015]
  • Evolving Balance (podcast) [closed august 2015]
  • Lifestyle Project / Old Personal Blog (self improvement musings)
  • MaintainerPRO (SaaS product for Property Management companies) [closed june 2014]
  • The Letter (private letter to subscribers about self improvement) [closed early 2015]

Note on social media

I've closed/deleted/mothballed all social media accounts (apart from linkedin for business). They were distractions and not adding any value to my core goal. I may resurrect in the future for personal branding if required.